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PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler 3


A world class BASIC Compiler for rapid development of Microchip PIC® microcontroller based projects.

  • Lightning Fast
  • Generates Optimized, Machine Ready Code
  • 15+ Year History
  • Did We Say It Was Fast?

Easy enough for the hobbyist, strong enough for a Pro. Professionals love it because it is designed to get things done fast. That’s the power of BASIC. Simple. Easy to use. Straightforward. With dedicated libraries/routines to make the difficult easy. It’s what we (and thousands of other companies) use to develop our own products.

PICBASIC PRO has evolved over the span of 15 years, making it the industry standard in its field. It has become a professional-level development tool for embedded programmers, though it retains the easy-to-learn syntax that makes PBP popular among experimenters and educators worldwide.


Available in 3 Editions

PBP Gold Edition image
PBP Silver Edition Image
PBP Student Edition image

PBP should not be confused with the slow BASIC interpreters of the past. This is a full-blown development tool that produces code in the same manner as a C compiler (without the pain of C). PBP is widely used by engineering professionals who depend on its stability and maturity to produce commercial firmware. It is also used by educational institutions because it is very easy to learn and understand.




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